There is a lot of work that goes into starting a business. Along with the massive amount of paperwork and business planning, you need a trademark and name. In order to succeed in today’s economy, you then turn the trademark and name into an online presence. Recently, a number of domain scams aimed at new businesses are flooding email boxes, one of the most common comes from Global Importing Co. Ltd. Before you click on a link, make a payment, or offer any identification information, ensure you know who they really are.


The Global Importing domain scam starts with a random email in your inbox, often from a Chinese company. It states that Global Importing Co. Ltd. (or something of the like) received a request for a domain name and trademark the same as yours. Then they list these supposed domains, as such:

They state their concern about the impact this will have on your company and how the Asian market will be influenced. You are asked to respond in a certain number of days to verify if it is your company asking for the domain. If you respond, their next step is asking for money in order to protect your domain and your business startup.


It may seem like the domain scam is focused on established companies, but it is actually targeting those beginning their business setup journey. This is simply because the new entrepreneur is unaware of the legality of trademarks and domains, which makes them easy targets. There are no rights to owning available domain names identical to yours as long as they have different extensions. It is the use of the domain that matters, and it must be consistent. Only at this point do you have rights to sue for the intellectual property due to trademark infringement in Seattle or anywhere.


If you get a similar email when planning your business in Seattle, there are a few suspicious details that should stick out to you. According to Domain Name Wire, these are some of the items to look for to avoid a phishing scam, but remember, they come in many disguises:

Email from unknown Chinese sender
Poor grammar
Addressed to Sir/Madam or CEO rather than your name
They are a business randomly reaching out to your business out of “concern”
To avoid the domain scam by Global Importing Co. Ltd and others, it’s important to set your business up properly and learn how to create and protect your trademarks along the way. A trademark infringement attorney can let you know what constitutes intellectual property and what you’ll need to do to protect it whether in the USA, online, or in any country. The business lawyers at Northwest Business Law, LLC. can help keep you, and your company, secure from scams.