Uncommon Factors to Consider When Hiring a Business Attorney

Having a license to practice law doesn’t make an attorney the best choice for your company. There are many factors to consider, including experience, rates, and expertise. Have you considered the other less common factors mentioned in our video above?

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Why Our Business Law Firm Makes Sustainability a Priority

Business Law Services in Portland and Seattle When you think of business attorneys, the environment probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. When you own a business in the northwest though, you can’t help but want to protect the beauty that surrounds you. We know there is little sense in working hard to improve the lives of the people we serve if we trash the planet in the process. This is why the team at our business law firm takes pride in using sustainable business practices and encouraging others to do the same.

Business Attorneys as Advocates for the Environment

We’re proud to be among our legal community’s leaders in sustainable business practices. Through our practice methods and our charitable activities, we strive to practice sustainability and promote conservation. We have diminished our paper usage by more than 80% over the years using a nearly paperless filing system. Our Portland business attorneys communicate electronically almost exclusively. In addition to frequent telecommuting, our staff travels by bicycle and public transportation as much as possible. We eat locally-sourced food, and we support initiatives to improve sustainable practices both in the practice of law and in our communities at large.

Join the Mission of Our Proud Northwest Business Law Firm

In addition to the sustainable practices of our Portland and Seattle business law offices, we are honored to contribute a portion of our annual revenue to conservation efforts worldwide. We hope that by setting an example, we can inspire our clients to adopt some sustainable practices and environmentally-friendly causes of their own. We are lucky to own a business in the northwest, where there are many opportunities to give back to the environment. You can find several organizations dedicated to this cause right here in Portland or in Seattle. Find out how you can take action by visiting some of our favorite northwest environmental advocacy groups:

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