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For business owners in the Pacific Northwest, we offer two convenient locations. You can find our business attorneys in both Seattle and Portland. This allows us to help as many businesses in Oregon and Washington as possible. We feel this is part of our duty to the beautiful region we call home. It’s easy to get ahold of us too. You can contact us using the same number to schedule an appointment to meet with a business lawyer in either Portland or Seattle, and we will be there. You can also email us to set up an appointment in whichever location below is most convenient for you. We’re open weekdays between 9am and 5:30pm.


Meet with a Seattle Business Attorney

1700 7th Ave, Suite 2100
Seattle, WA 45 98101

Telephone:206 209 0069

About Our Seattle, Washington Law Firm

We’ve traveled across the Northwest, and we have to come to love the bustling metropolis that is Seattle. In fact, we enjoy it so much, we now split our time between Portland and Seattle just so we get the chance to meet the up and coming entrepreneurs that make up the Seattle corporate scene. This allows our northern Washington to clients to meet with business lawyers in Seattle and gives us an excuse to head up I-5 for a visit. Seattle business owners can call or email us to make an appointment, and we’ll make sure one of our professional corporate attorneys is there to listen to your needs and share our effective strategies. We also serve the greater Seattle-metro area and surrounding counties.

Our modern Seattle office is in a beautiful downtown building in the heart of the commercial district, near the iconic Westin hotel and the US Federal Courthouse. We base our Seattle office hours around requested appointment times, so be sure to call or email us to set up a meeting with one of our company attorneys. For your convenience, validated parking is available in the building.


Meet with a Portland Business Lawyer

1300 Park Ave,
Portland, OR 97201

Telephone: 503 224 9946

About Our Portland, Oregon Law Firm

Northwest Business Law LLC is based out of Portland, Oregon, and this is where we call home. We enjoy the laid back nature of the people here as well as the conscientious attitudes towards the environment and sustainability. We are blessed to have the opportunity to work with many Portland businesses as well as entrepreneurs from the greater Portland-Metro area and throughout Clackamas and Multnomah counties.

Our Portland business law office is housed in the Ladd Tower, a LEED-Gold certified, modern building built in 2009. We are located on the beautiful South Park Blocks in the Cultural District, near the Oregon Historical Society and the Portland Art Museum. Come in for a consultation and check out our views! Our hours here are 9am to 5:30pm Monday through Friday, per scheduled availability. Parking is available in the building for your convenience. Be sure to call ahead to schedule your appointment.

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