Employment Litigation Defense

Is your company facing a claim for employment discrimination? Have you thought about how you might reduce your company’s risk of exposure? If you are an employee, do you feel you may have been the subject of illegal discrimination, harassment, retaliation, termination, or a hostile working environment?

Employment Discrimination Defense Attorney in Portland & Seattle

Employment concerns can present some of the most important and consequential legal issues for your business. At Northwest Business Law, we recognize that an ounce of prevention is worth several pounds of cure. Our practice focuses on working with entrepreneurs to address employment concerns on the front end whenever possible. This means you can strengthen both the ethical and legal foundations of your business, by teaming up with a business attorney.

Establish a Good Defense with a Business Litigation Attorney

Sometimes, even the best preparation is not enough to protect your business from all risks. A rogue actor may expose your company to liability by disregarding the policies and procedures you have worked hard to establish and enforce. Disgruntled employees may from time to time raise allegations that pose a serious threat, despite your best efforts. Employment litigation cases have produced many significant verdicts in recent years. The stakes are often especially high in these cases because statutory penalties and attorney fees increase the risk of exposure. Under such circumstances, you will need the guidance of an experienced employment attorney to help you minimize your exposure. Don’t wait for a dispute to come up before finding an employment litigation attorney you can trust. That way, when the case arises, they will already know your company and the procedures you have in place.

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Is Business Litigation Necessary?

At what point does a conflict or dispute escalate enough to make business litigation necessary? Find out by watching the video above and then contact Eric about your dispute for more specific advice about your situation.

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