How to Defend Against Discrimination Claims

There are many types of discrimination, and if you own a company, you need to be aware of each kind, how to prevent, and in some cases, how to defend it. The first step is setting up your company and culture in such a way so as to prevent discrimination. Of course, you cannot control the actions of your employees, but you can organize your company so that there are systems in place to discourage discrimination and to carry out disciplinary actions should it happen. When you yourself are faced with a discrimination charge though, you and your company could be at risk. In this case, it’s best to seek the counsel of an experienced discrimination attorney who can guide you through your defense.

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If you’d like more information about types of discrimination or more specific advice on your particular case, you can call for a free consultation or browse our other discrimination pages. These include gender, sexual orientation, ethnic, religious, racial, and age discrimination.

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If you are dealing with a discrimination accusation, please give us a call. We are happy to hear your case during our free consultation. From there, we will let you know the best course of legal action. We will take into consideration you, your company, and of course, the situation, so that you achieve not only a positive legal outcome, but also one that will shield your company as much as possible. Our law offices are located in Portland and Seattle, and we are happy to meet you at either location.

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Racial Discrimination

We deal with discrimination cases regarding ethnicity, religion, and race. Find out more about dealing with this kind of case and if it’s time to call a litigation defense attorney for your case.

Gender Discrimination

We also help with gender and sex discrimination lawsuits. Browse more information on this topic and then call us for a consultation to determine your best defense.

Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Discrimination cases dealing with sexual orientation can be challenging. Let us help guide your defense. Find out more about our defense strategies for sexual orientation discrimination cases.

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How to Win Your Discrimination Case

If you are the victim of false discrimination claims, this can be very damaging to your company’s reputation. Protect your rights and your company’s reputation by choosing Northwest Business Law LLC for your discrimination case.

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