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Dealing with Age Discrimination

Seattle Attorney for Age Discrimination Case
Is your company facing claims for age discrimination? Do you feel you may have been fired because of your age? Both federal and state law prohibits company decisions based on a job applicant’s or employee’s age. Age discrimination is often more subtle than other forms of discrimination, and can therefore be more difficult to prove. However, the stakes are often high because discrimination can involve significant harm to both employees and employers. At Northwest Business Law Group, we make sure companies stay out of trouble in this area by outlining clear policies and codes of conduct. Our business attorneys also protect employees from discrimination and help them find justice if we can’t prevent it.

Prevent Age Discrimination

Federal age discrimination statutes protect anyone over the age of forty. Some states, including Oregon, have extended protection to anyone over the age of eighteen. Because of this potentially broad protection against age discrimination, it is important for employers to know how to detect and prevent age discrimination, and for employees to know their rights when they face discrimination. An experienced employment lawyer can help your company develop policies to prevent age discrimination claims and minimize the likelihood of exposure in the event of a corporate lawsuit.

Victims of Age Discrimination

For plaintiffs, employment cases often involve expensive costs, and the process to resolve claims can be difficult, long, and deeply personal. Because of this, we believe employees should only pursue claims in court where there is (i) clear misconduct on the part of the employer after the employee has reported the conduct “up the ladder” inside the company, and (ii) the employee has suffered serious economic damages, usually through a termination or constructive discharge. If you have faced such circumstances, a compassionate employment attorney at Northwest Business Law can be your guide and lead you to an optimal outcome.