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Defend against Harassment

Whether you live in Oregon, Washington, or another state, harassment is against the law. We have experience with harassment cases, and we are ready to defend you and your company.

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Defending against Claims of Harassment

If you’ve been accused of harassment, no matter the type, you need to take it seriously and address it right away. Your company most likely has policies in place for this kind of incident, but in many cases, it becomes a legal matter that is out of your hands. If this is true for your case, it’s time to contact an attorney who is experienced in harassment cases so you get the best defense possible.hostile work environment defense

There is more than one kind of harassment, and there are different degrees of harassment as well. What feels like joking to one person, can feel like harassment to another, and if your company somehow allowed, caused, or ignored this kind of behavior, you could be liable. Sometimes though, business owners and even entire corporations are falsely accused, either due to a misunderstanding or fraudulent claims. It’s important to investigate the matter thoroughly to find out exactly where you stand. This is when it’s necessary to seek the expert counsel of an experienced harassment attorney.

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You won’t know how serious your particular case is until you consult with a business attorney. We will listen to the details of your case, walk you through the process, and keep you informed of our strategies and progress. We can help you defend against sexual harassment and hostile work environment claims in both the Seattle and Portland areas. Call, email, or fill out our form for a free consultation.