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Defense against Retaliation Claims

Retaliation Defense Attorney Seattle

Has someone accused you or your company of retaliating for reporting unlawful conduct? If an employer retaliates against an employee, the employee may make a claim for retaliation that is separate from an underlying claim for discrimination or harassment. In the event that your company faces a retaliation claim, it is vital to have an experienced corporate attorney by your side. Our team will be happy to help refine your anti-retaliation policies to minimize your risk of exposure.

Prevent Retaliation

Although you can’t prevent the emotions you deal with going through a harassment or discrimination case, you can control how your behavior impacts the accuser. If you are a key person involved in the dispute, then you should no longer exert judgments on the employee involved. That duty can be handed over to another administrator in order keep retaliation out of it. If this is written into your operational structure, there will be systems in place to keep you from further damaging your reputation and the reputation of your company.

Retaliation Defense

When discussing your case with your attorney, it’s important to be clear about your motives for the actions your accuser considers retaliatory. If you used sound business judgment to make decisions and carry out your business, then their retaliation claim may not hold up in court. There are other ways to expose a fraudulent retaliation claim, and a business litigation attorney will know which defense to take for your particular case.