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Wage and Hour Case Defense Attorney Porland

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Creating Your Wage and Hour Defense

Wage and Hour Case Defense Attorney Seattle

Are you facing a claim that you failed to pay overtime wages? Have your employees accused you of failing to pay their wages on time? The attorney fees and statutory penalties often involved in many wage and hour cases can dwarf the wages at issue. Much is often at stake in such a case. The laws governing wage and hour rules can be complex, and the penalties for violating them can be severe. Employers facing wage and hour claims are wise to promptly seek the assistance of an expert and experienced employment attorney. This can give them the upper hand during litigation and can help prevent such claims down the road.

Prevent Employee Wage and Hour Disputes

As a partner for the entrepreneur, we are proud to help employers comply with employee wage and hour laws, as well as help them minimize the risks to their business when they face accusations of wrongdoing. We can bring in our consulting experts, interview witnesses, and get down to the facts to prove your case. As passionate advocates for the rights of our neighbors, we are equally proud to protect the rights of employees with serious cases. If you are suffering damages due to a wage or hour dispute, our business litigation attorneys can make sure your case is heard, even against large corporations.