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Don’t reveal too much of your case to too many people at first. It’s important that we first discuss your case, so we can develop intelligent strategies. These can set the pace and tone for the rest of the litigation process.

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Building Your Whistleblowing Defense

Whistleblowing Defense Attorney Portland
When a company or organization grows so large and powerful that corruption goes unnoticed, it’s important to have a system of checks and balances in place. This is what whistleblowing is for. This allows one individual who feels they have witnessed corrupt and illegal actions by an executive or entire company to draw attention to the matter. The hope is that an investigation results and the truth of the matter exposed. However, sometimes the truth is a bit fuzzy and it needs to be debated by business attorneys in litigation and, perhaps, in court.

Defending against Whistleblowing

If you have been falsely accused by a whistleblower, your reputation is not a complete loss. In fact, many whistleblowing cases are settled quietly, out of court once the emotions, needs, and boundaries have been aired. It is imperative that during this time, between when you first were accused and when the case is settled, you should not deal directly with the whistleblower and you should not do anything that could be considered retaliation. Otherwise, you’ll end up facing double the corporate lawsuits.

How to be a Whistleblower

Before heading to your boss’ office with accusations, try a more subtle and sound approach. Meet with a business attorney and have a discussion about your potential whistleblowing case. A professional attorney will be able to advise as to whether or not you have the type of information to hold up in court. If so, our Northwest Business Law Group team will direct the next steps to take toward going public in a way that will improve your results while managing your reputation.