Defending and Enforcing Non-Competition Agreements

An employment contract or other contract for work will often include a provision to restrict an employee’s ability to compete with his or her former employer. Often colloquially called a “non-compete agreement” or simply a “non-compete,” a non-competition agreement is often critical to a former employer. By the same token, how you get out of a non-compete agreement is often a vital concern to a former employee.

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Employment rules and regulations often restrict the circumstances under which a former employer may enforce a non-competition agreement from an employment contract or a work contract. That is because the law weighs the former employer’s contractual rights against the interests of a former employee to earn a living.

Non-compete agreements exist largely because employers have a need to protect their trade secrets. Information can be classified as a trade secret where it is valuable because of its secrecy, and its owner takes reasonable measures to protect that secrecy.

Getting Out of a Non-Compete Agreement

Employees frequently come in contact with trade secrets in the course of their work. When such an employee strikes out on his or her own, it can become critical to the former employer to prevent the loss or compromise of those trade secrets. Few employers can afford the loss of their trade secrets, because they form the foundation of their business advantage. For that reason, enforcing non-competition agreements is often mission-critical to an employer, and well worth undertaking litigation.

By the same token, the person bound to an employment contract bearing a non-compete agreement often must continue making a living, no matter what the costs. For these reasons, litigation over non-competition agreements can be extremely hard-fought and high-stakes.

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We are pleased to represent both plaintiffs (typically former employers) and defendants (usually former employees) in non-competition cases. Whether you need to enforce or challenge a non-competition agreement, the employment lawyers at NWBizLaw have the skills and experience you need to succeed. We have a successful track record in such cases on behalf of both companies and former employees in Seattle and Portland.

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