Do You Understand Your Shareholder Rights?

Shareholder Earnings

The rights of shareholders are complex, but they are important when it comes to preventing and dealing with company disputes.

In order to avoid business litigation or to manage a case regarding minority oppression and shareholder rights, it’s important to seek the counsel of an experienced business attorney.

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Minority Oppression and Shareholder Rights

Minority Oppression Company Dispute
Among the many types of company disputes that our clients may face, cases of minority oppression are among the most challenging, and yet can be among the most important. While a minority shareholder’s livelihood may be at stake in a case of minority oppression, such a case can have huge implications for the liability of the company, as well as for the majority shareholders.

Shareholders in a corporation owe special types duties to the company and to one another. These shareholder duties are known as fiduciary duties. The majority shareholders of the corporation owe duties to the minority shareholders, and vice-versa. All company shareholders owe their shareholder duties to the company, as well.

Shareholder Duties

In the context of a closely-held corporation, the shareholders’ duties become especially important, and company disputes about minority oppression can become deeply personal. If the shareholders or partners are unable to come to terms over critical issues, business litigation often become necessary to protect the company or a shareholder’s rights. When that happens, it is essential to retain a company attorney or corporate lawyer who is skilled in business litigation.

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