The Advanced Discovery Strategies of Seattle Business Attorneys

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All of our Portland and Seattle business attorneys use advanced strategies during the discovery phase of business litigation. In both Washington and Oregon, our clients benefit from our expert connections tenacious approach, and our advanced strategies throughout civil discovery. Whether you join us at our law office in Seattle or Portland, you can expect a lawyer who will listen to your needs, explain the processes, and lead you through the litigation process with great care, dedication, and skill.

If you need assistance with business litigation proceedings and the discovery phase in particular, please contact one of our professional business lawyers. We would be happy to hear your case and give you our recommendations for an intelligent and effective litigation strategy.


Discovery – Advanced Legal Strategies

At NW Business Law LLC, we use advanced legal strategies through all stages of business litigation to give our clients every advantage available. These advanced strategies are especially critical in the discovery phase of litigation, and we have used them extensively to help our clients achieve successful outcomes.

Discovery is the phase of business litigation in which each party obtains information from the other side. A skilled and experienced business attorney understands that cases can be won or lost through discovery. Given that fact, smart clients understand the importance of working with a trial attorney who knows how to use discovery to their advantage.

A thoughtful and aggressive trial attorney will take an intelligent and strategic approach to make sure she has acquired all of the information her client will need. She will send depositions, requests for admissions, interrogatories (where permitted), and subpoenas, and conduct thorough depositions of opposing parties and witnesses. Critically, a skilled and experienced business litigation lawyer will know how to ensure the other side produces all the evidence that you will need, and will hold your opponents accountable for any failures to live up to their obligations.

Business Attorneys with Advanced Strategies

Recognizing the importance of advanced strategies, we take great care in our thoughtful and detailed discovery preparation. We focus particular attention on enforcing our opponents’ discovery compliance obligations. We are strongly committed to holding them accountable for any failures to live up to those obligations. To that end, we have adopted special proprietary methods to systematically track our opponents’ deadlines, and we are well-experienced in motions to compel production of discovery. Our clients’ opponents are never at liberty to ignore our discovery requests.

Since what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, we also work proactively, from the beginning, to help our clients preserve, identify, and secure all of the information they may need to produce themselves. We also diligently prepare our clients for depositions, as that is a critical part of every case. Approaching discovery with such foresight and careful planning will helps maximize our clients’ chances of success, and can greatly reduce the stress of litigation. See what our advanced discovery strategies can do for you.

Thorough Civil Discovery in Litigation

In civil law, the scope of discovery is broad. It includes not only directly admissible evidence, but any questions or information reasonably calculated to lead to the discovery of admissible evidence. By creating a customized and carefully-crafted discovery plan for each client, we use that broad scope of discovery to its maximal advantage.

During our process, we perform thorough investigations and use the analysis of experts to make sure we have covered every possible avenue for the discovery of evidence. This means we use both traditional and modern tools, including electronic discovery (E-discovery). E-discovery often yields information to help you establish your claims or defenses. In addition, it can help expose any spoliation (bad-faith deletion or destruction of evidence) by our clients’ opponents.