Is it Fraud or Neglect?

Whether you have suffered fraud or have been wrongfully accused of committing it, you do not have to handle it alone. Watch the video above to learn more about the difference between negligence and tax fraud. Then call our Seattle and Portland business attorneys to get the help you need. We are determined to get you the outcome you deserve.


Combatting Company Fraud

Business Fraud Attorney in Seattle
Have you or your company been deceived? Has somebody stolen a substantial amount of money from you by tricking you, or by pretending to be someone or something that they were not? In the event that you have been misled by another party, you might be able to seek damages as a result of fraud.

Fraud can be one of the most devastating events in the life of a business. It comes in many forms, including bank, insurance, consumer, and online fraud. Often, it is not possible to recover against a criminal actor, but you may have options against third parties whose products or services were involved in a fraudulent transactions (such as credit card companies, banks, or lending institutions). To do so, you first need to recognize when the fraudulent activity may have occurred, and then you need to look for a competent litigation attorney to help advise you in filing a corporate lawsuit.

Recovering Funds from Fraud

If you think a third party, business partner, or employee has committed fraud against you or your business, it is important to take action to protect yourself. An experienced legal counsel will help you take all the necessary measures at your disposal to put a stop to the damage, as well as to help you recover as much of your money as possible, possibly through a lawsuit.

Being Accused of Fraud

Of course, not every accusation of fraud is legitimate. If you are being wrongly accused, you are probably shaken and emotionally strained, and you have reason to be. The risks of an accusation of fraud are often as great as the consequences of such an incident. Fortunately, you have the right to defend yourself from such a claim, and you can find a capable and dedicated legal advocate by your side to protect you at Northwest Business Law LLC.