Making a Claim for Conversion

Has an employee or corporate officer stolen or embezzled money from your company? Has a third party, through their negligence, destroyed a valuable company asset? Has someone disclosed a trade secret, destroying its value to your company? If someone has taken valuable property from you or your company, or if they have substantially reduced the value of your property (including intellectual property and trade secrets), you may have a claim for conversion. When the harm to your business is serious, you will need a skilled litigation attorney to protect your rights and help you obtain the full compensation that you rightfully deserve.

Conversion Lawyer in Portland or Seattle

Dealing with Conversion

It is no small matter when you or your business loses significant value because of someone else’s actions. An experienced litigation lawyer from NW Business Law Group can help your company in many critical ways. It is vital to stop ongoing harm as quickly as possible through a temporary restraining order or preliminary injunction.

After that, a thorough investigation can help you understand who is responsible for your loss, and capable discovery can help you craft a winning trial story or force your opponent into a settlement that is favorable for your company. These outcomes are only possible if you are diligent and deliberate about seeking competent business litigation lawyers for help. Sometimes, an entire business is in jeopardy due to conversion, which is why you should take action as quickly as you can to prevent further harm.

When it comes to making a claim of conversion, the time for action is as soon as you are made aware of the situation. Acting immediately will give you the best possible chance of a positive outcome, as will seeking a competent business litigator to guide you through the challenging process.

Fortunately, we have a strong team of business litigators available to you when you are ready. Simply give us a call at one of our many locations throughout Oregon or Washington. You can also send us an email or fill out our website’s form to get started protecting your company’s interests.

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