Understanding Defamation, Slander and Libel

Has a competitor or third party made a negative public comment about your company? Do you have reason to believe that this comment has significantly affected your revenues, profits, or opportunities? If this is true, you might want to talk to a litigation attorney about a possible slander and libel lawsuit.

Slander Libel Case in Portland

Competition can be an important tool for a growing economy. Generally, healthy competition will involve highlighting competitors’ weaknesses and demonstrating your products’ superiority. However, competition sometimes crosses the line to defamation, which takes the form of slander and libel. If your company has suffered defamation and financial loss, your best recourse might be a corporate lawsuit.

What are Slander and Libel?

Slander and libel occur where someone has made a false oral or written statement to a third party. As a pragmatic matter, it is ill-advised to file a lawsuit for libel or slander unless you have suffered serious economic damages as a result. It is also important to note that the statement of slander or libel must be false, and you would benefit from some compelling evidence to prove it false.

In a serious case, slander or libel can be absolutely devastating. Your reputation is your stock in trade—it takes a lifetime to build, yet only a few moments to lose. Once it is gone, your company’s ability to recruit new employees or gain new customers can be significantly affected. Unfortunately, damage to reputation can be very difficult to prove, and getting proof of your opponent’s intent to harm your interests requires considerable expertise in depositions and discovery. You will need an experienced and compassionate business litigation lawyer to guide you to a successful outcome.

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