Theft of Corporate Opportunity

Has an officer in your company left to pursue a valuable opportunity? Did you ever wonder whether that opportunity properly belonged to your company? Is it worth starting a corporate lawsuit over it? The future of your company lies in its opportunities. Great opportunities do not come along every day. When they do, you need good advice on how to protect them, and this advice will come from a business attorney well versed in corporate dispute lawsuits.

Lawyer for Theft of Corporate Opportunity Case

On occasion, a partner or shareholder may decide to take a corporate opportunity for himself. When that happens, you must act to protect your company from irreversible and permanent loss. The answer may include a claim for theft of corporate opportunity through a corporate lawsuit.

Was it Theft of Corporate Identity?

If the opportunity was developed using company resources or company time, or if an officer developed an opportunity related to company business while he was working for the company, that opportunity likely belongs to the company. A shareholder or partner who does not offer it up for the company’s consideration may be liable for theft of a corporate identity.

An officer or shareholder who faces such a claim may be required to pay a substantial amount to the company to make up for the loss of opportunity. Courts may also impose a constructive trust to return the opportunity to the company from which it was taken at the end of a successful corporate lawsuit.

The Risk of a Corporate Identity Theft Corporate Lawsuit

Theft of corporate opportunity is a high-stakes situation. Such claims can be complex and difficult. Whether you need to prosecute such claims or defend against them, a capable litigation attorney who listens to you can offer valuable guidance. If you are facing a lawsuit or need to pursue one for theft of corporate opportunity, a litigation attorney can guide you through the challenges you will face.

We have had significant success in the past with claims of theft of corporate opportunity. If you have developed a business opportunity that might belong to the company you work for, or if someone has offered you what you believe may be a corporate opportunity, you may need guidance in terms of what to do.

Please feel free to call us to discuss your situation. We will be happy to guide you through your options. Our business lawyers deal with corporate lawsuits in Washington and Oregon on a daily basis.

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