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Don’t allow the violation of civil rights any longer, and don’t allow someone to falsely accuse you of violating theirs.

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Are Your Civil Rights being Violated?

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Is a government official at the federal, state, county, city, regional, or local level interfering with your business or with your right to make a living? Are you constantly facing discrimination despite your human rights and the Constitution of the United States? You are an American. It is your right to be free from such conduct, and because of the Bill of Rights, no one can take that right away from you. If you or your business has suffered serious damage or injury from the abuse of government power (or illegal action under color of law), you may be entitled to substantial compensation in civil court.

How Are Your Civil Rights Being Violated?

Illegal government discrimination takes many forms. An official may make false complaints or make up rules that harm you. These are due process violations, those that hinder your right as a citizen to fair treatment in your trial process.

A local government may deny you a business license because of your race or religion. This is an equal protection violation, or discrimination for a suspect class that is protected by the Constitution. This is an intolerable breach of your rights, and you do not have to stand for it.

What You Can Do With Your Civil Rights 42 USC §1983 Case

Our civil rights are fundamental to protecting American citizens from an oppressive government. At Northwest Business Law Group, protecting the liberties on which we all depend is one of our highest honors. Some of the most meaningful cases in our firm’s history have seen us successfully confront such abuses of power on behalf of our clients.

If the government has violated your civil rights in a clear way and caused you or your company substantial damages or injuries, we will be honored to stand with you. In such cases, our mission is to protect our clients from further abuse and discrimination, get them full compensation for their injuries, and send a loud and clear message to the government that the People will not tolerate abusive behavior. That is what it means to us to be Americans.