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Since litigation serves as the ultimate backdrop for all contracts, negotiations, business setups, reorganizations, and other business transactions, our business litigation attorneys can help you understand the risks and benefits of transactions that others may not see. Think about all the decisions you make and how much money is invested in those decisions. When you have a business lawyer on hand, you have someone who can point out the legal implications of the transaction behind all the legal jargon. At Northwest Business Law, we can even help structure your transactions in a manner that yields tax benefits.

7 Legal Stages of a Business

Invest in Your Business with Our Business Setup Advice

Even if you’re just getting started, it’s important to make sure everything is in line with local, state, and national laws. For starting entrepreneurs though, these laws aren’t obvious. A business attorney can take you from ideas to decisions in regards to how you set your business up. This will lead to more efficient operations and better profit margins in the long-run. This is why although having a company attorney comes at a price, it is likely to save, and possibly even make, you money down the road. Get advice on your business plan, corporate structure, employee contracts, and bylaws. For example, our in-depth consultation can guide you towards choosing between an LLC, and LLP, or an S-Corporation.

For executives who’ve been at the helm a bit longer, we serve seasoned entrepreneurs and large corporations as well. One of our business lawyers can provide legal aid when you are ready to reorganize, sell your company, or buy a new one. You can depend on us to handle all of the make-or-break transactions of your business. Don’t take our word for it though, see for yourself what some of our satisfied clients say.

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Business Planning

Taking the time to create a solid business plan can prevent costly legal issues down the road. Find out more about researching and drafting your business plan, choosing the right corporate structure, and avoiding common business start-up mistakes.

Business Start-Ups

There are a lot of boxes to check when starting a business in Washington or Oregon, which is why it’s important to seek the counsel of an experienced business set-up attorney. Find out which details you need to get right and how to get started.

Agreement Drafting

If you’re starting a business, you should put very detailed contracts in place to protect your brand and assets. From bylaws and operating agreements to nondisclosure and noncompetition clauses, find out how our contract lawyers can review, draft, and enforce your business agreements.

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The 10 Big Don’ts of Starting a Business

Watch the video above to find out what not to do when starting an Oregon or Washington business. Then, contact a business setup attorney to plan, setup, and protect your new company.

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