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LLCs: What are Limited Liability Corporations?

Setting up an LLC in Seattle
Are you considering forming an LLC to run your business? LLCs are an increasingly popular form of entity because they offer limited liability protection and substantial flexibility in terms of management and taxation. Many new companies do not even consider operating as a corporation, partnership, or other entity, simply assuming that the LLC is the best way to go. This is why it is a good idea to meet with a business attorney before making your decision.

Is an LLC Setup Right for Your Business?

Despite the general merits of the LLC structure, it is wise not to make assumptions about important business decisions. Although LLCs are widely known, there are similar business structures, like LLPs and S-Corps that may be more suited your company. Which form of entity is best depends on your individual needs and goals, as well as the challenges your business is likely to face. Consulting a business lawyer before making these major decisions can help get your business get off to a successful start. A business attorney will be able to assess your company’s present and future needs to help you determine if an LLC is the right business form for you.

Make Well-Informed Business Setup Decisions

At Northwest Business Law Group, we strive to be a partner for the entrepreneur, which means we do all we can to ensure your business’s success from the point of inception. This goes for companies of all sizes. Your job is to let us know the vision you had for your business. Our job is educating you on your options, making recommendations based on your needs, and getting you set up in a legal business structure. Whether that ends up being a limited liability corporation or something else will be up to a more-informed you.