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Portland Attorney for Operating Agreement

Whether you only need help turning your plan into a legal agreement, or if you could use some assistance creating your structure and bylaws, we are happy to help. We have two convenient locations, which makes it easy for you to speak with a business attorney in either Portland or Seattle.

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Our Business Attorneys Can Write Your Operating Agreement

Seattle Attorney for Operating Agreement
Will you determine for yourself what rules will govern your company, or would you rather have the State dictate those rules to you? State statutes sets default rules for governing LLCs, but they also give you the freedom to change those rules. You can do that with an operating agreement, which will control how the company operates, how profits and losses are to be distributed amongst the members, and how many votes it takes to add a new member or to make other major changes to the corporate structure.

Why You Need an Operating Agreement

Not every company has an operating agreement, but every company should. Having one will help you run your business the way you want, and it will make it easier to retain the limited liability that is essential to your business. This agreement will hold each partner responsible for the company duties they have agreed to. That is why it is so important to create a very detailed plan in terms of who has which roles and what those roles entail. Hopefully, you have already created a smart business plan. If so, you probably already mapped out many of the details that will go into the operating agreement. If not, our professional business attorneys can give you business plan advice as well. They may point out areas you haven’t thought of yet or explain flaws that could end up costing your business money.

If you are thinking of starting an LLC, or if you have been running a business without an operating agreement, contact a business lawyer at Northwest Business Law Group to get the best set of rules for your practice in place.