Dealing with Intellectual Property Litigation

Has somebody infringed on your patent, trademark, or copyright? As a business owner, do you feel that someone has misappropriated your trade secrets? Have you been accused of infringing another party’s patent, trademark, or copyright? Are you facing a demand to stop using trade secrets?

What is Considered Intellectual Property

Whether someone is using your intellectual property without permission or you are being accused of infringing someone else’s intellectual property, you will need a strong advocate to protect your rights. In many cases, entire livelihoods and very large sums of money are on the line, so choosing the right counsel is a crucial decision that you cannot take lightly.

The Role of IP Litigation Practice

Copyright law, patent law, trademark law, and trade secret law are undoubtbedly complex. That is why you need an intellectual property lawyer who is skilled in IP litigation practice to help you navigate the course to a successful outcome. There is too much riding on the result of an intellectual property case not to find counsel that knows what to do to protect you. It’s important for you to proactively seek out offenders who are not respecting your intellectual property, and in the event that it goes to court, you want to know you have the odds in your favor.

A company’s intellectual property is its lifeblood. More than perhaps anything else, intellectual property (IP) gives a company the advantages it enjoys over its competitors.

The law of intellectual property recognizes the following categories of IP:

  • PATENTS, which protect innovations that are novel, useful, and non-obvious;
  • Copyrights, which protect original expressions of authorship, as recorded in tangible media of expression;
  • Trademarks and service marks, which include marks and insignia associate with products or services as established in commerce; and
  • The catch-all – Trade Secrets – which are items that (i) are secret, (ii) are valuable because they are secret, and (iii) whose owner(s) take reasonable measures to protect the secrecy thereof.

Consulting with Portland and Seattle Business Attorneys

Our intellectual property team has extensive and sophisticated litigation experience. We are privileged to guide our clients through the challenges of intellectual property litigation in cases as diverse as copyright infringement, trademark infringement, and misappropriation of trade secrets. When it comes to our clients, we strive to protect their rights, defend the lifeblood of their businesses, and restore them to the position they would have been in without the other party’s wrongful conduct.

If you run a creative or technical enterprise, your intellectual property is your most valuable asset and the key to your future success. Whether you need to file a patent application, seek trademark or copyright protections, protect your intellectual property rights through litigation, or defend your business against charges of improper appropriation, we stand ready to help you.

Why Intellectual Property Matters

Protecting the intellectual property you create in your business is integral to realizing the rewards of valuable ideas, as well as for the labor necessary to bring those ideas to fruition. By applying for copyrights, trademarks, and patents, you give yourself the best chance of controlling and benefiting from your business’s intellectual property over the long run.

Since your intellectual property rights are vital to your company’s competitive advantage, enforcing those rights can be critical to your success. By the same token, if you have been accused of infringing the intellectual rights of another person or company, you should expect a vigorous enforcement effort, and you will need a powerful defense.

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Types of Intellectual Property

Watch the video above for an overview of the various types of intellectual property. Then, contact an IP litigation attorney to enforce or defend your intellectual property lawsuit.

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