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Copyright Infringement

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Do you have an original, creative work that you would like to protect, such as a song, a photograph, or a web site? Whatever original creative work you have authored, registering copyrights may be the answer you are looking for. With a registered copyright, you have the ability to control the way your work is copied and distributed.

What is a Copyright?

Copyrights are fundamental forms of intellectual property intended to protect authors’ creative works, including:

        • Literary Works
        • Visual Art
        • Motion Pictures
        • Musical Works
        • Software Code

Although copyright law automatically gives you a property right for any original expressions that are “fixed” in a “tangible medium of expression” like paper, canvas, or MP4, protecting that right is a bit more involved. You must take certain steps to secure the full extent of copyright protection available under U.S. law.

Business Strategies for Protecting Copyright

If you have valuable material to protect via copyright, or if you feel that your rights in a copyrighted work may have been infringed, it is important to know what your rights are and how best to protect those rights. One of the wisest steps is to register your original creative works with the U.S. Copyright Office, but there are a number of other strategies to consider as well. If you fail to protect your original works adequately, you risk losing the value of that work to people who would copy or download it for free. Our intellectual property counsel can help you file a lawsuit for copyright infringement to protect your rights and stop another party’s abusive behavior.