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Whether you’re proactively trying to protect your marks through federal registration or attempting to stop someone using your marks without your permission, we have an experienced litigation team that can help. Not only can you secure your valuable trademarks and trade dress assets, but you can also receive the compensation you deserve.

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Infringement of Trademarks and Trade Dress

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If your business is like most businesses, you probably rely on your business name and logos to set you apart from the competition in your market segment. That is why you should manage your trademarks and trade dress carefully. Ask yourself how you would protect your business if a competitor started using your marks.

Business Planning for Your Brand

You have worked long and hard to build your brand, and it has come to represent your business’s unique selling proposition or value added. In other words, your brand is the linchpin of your business. A brand generally is comprised of a few key symbols, including:

  • Your business name
  • Your logos
  • Your slogans

Under trademark law, you can help protect your rights to those critical business assets. That’s why managing your trademarks and trade dress should be an essential part of your business plan.

How to Manage Trademarks and Trade Dress

A trademark is any word, name, symbol, or device used to identify and distinguish a mark owner’s goods and to indicate the source of the goods. A service mark is used to identify, distinguish, and indicate the source of a service.

Despite the fact that trademark law automatically protects your marks wherever you use them in commerce (assuming they qualify for protection – and not everything does), a crucial step is to register your marks with the Patent and Trademark Office for maximum protection. Federal registration establishes use in commerce nationwide and also offers other advantages. Registration is often inexpensive, and it gives you valuable protection against trademark infringement.