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Protect Your Trade Secrets in Portland

If you fail to take the right measures to protect your trade secrets, you risk losing some of your business’s most valuable assets. Sometimes, that means filing a lawsuit against a former employee who misappropriates your trade secrets. Our experienced litigation and intellectual property counsel can help you stop abusive behavior and protect your trade secrets. Maintaining your competitive advantage is key to your business. Look to us when you need a partner to protect your rights.

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Misappropriation of Trade Secrets

Protect Your Trade Secrets in Seattle
Does your company have information that is valuable because it is secret? Are you sure you’re doing what you need to protect it? What happens if a former employee uses that information without your permission? Trade secrets are a type of intellectual property that the law protects even though it cannot be covered under patent law, copyright law, or trademark law.

To qualify for trade secret protection, your “secret” must qualify for the following conditions:

      • The information you wish to protect must be secret.
      •  The information must be valuable because of its secrecy.
      • You must take reasonable measures to protect the secrecy of that information.

Trade Secret Agreements

Trade secrets vary from business to business, but essentially, they are a process you have developed that is crucial to your products or services. Examples of trade secrets are customer lists, special business methods (which are sometimes also patentable), and recipes. Because of the requirement to take reasonable steps to protect the secrecy of information, trade secrets are often tied to noncompetition agreements or non-disclosure agreements. If you have partners, a contract may need to be developed, or if one already exists, we offer contract reviews. These can make sure you’re getting a fair result out of the deal. Using a business attorney in this process means you’ll know what you’re agreeing to, which could save or make you a lot more money down the road.