Seattle Business Resources

If you are a business owner in Seattle or would like to start a business there or in the Washington area, it’s important to do thorough planning, careful budgeting, and of course, a whole lot of marketing. While you’re doing this, don’t forget to seek advice from a professional Seattle business attorney, who can guide you through the many laws and regulations specific to the area. If you need help, just give us a call. In the meantime, please browse our list of helpful Seattle business resources below.

Seattle Chamber of Commerce

Find out about business resources in your area through the chamber of commerce. You can meet experienced business owners, make a difference in the Seattle community, and network at local events. Head to the chamber website to find out more about their membership fees and benefits.

Seattle Small Business Association

Another great place to go for business advice would be through the SBA. Not only can you find great information and tips on their website, but they have a local Seattle District chapter who will work with you to make sure you have all the information you need to get started.

Internal Revenue Service

The Internal Revenue Service is an important site for any business owner, whether new or experienced. Head to their site for tax laws, tips, and to take care of your TIN or EIN.

Washington State Department of Revenue

As with the IRS, starting a business in Washington means registering with the state. Head to the Washington State Department of Revenue to register your company name and type. It’s important to check here to make sure your business name is available and to check on tax refunds.


ReciProty is a networking website for businesses that works a lot like LinkedIn. It allows you to find potential clients in your specific area so you can conserve resources by using very targeted advertising techniques. You can also network with other Seattle professionals who will pass along referrals and post discounts and event announcements for free.

The Washington State Bar Association

The Washington State Bar Association is a well-known resource for lawyers. Another section of the site though is just for the public, with helpful information for any Washington resident or professional.

Gallagher Law Library – Washington State Law

You can find another section about Washington State Law at the Gallagher Law Library of the University of Washington School of Law. They offer quick links to information about Washington Law. and an entire library database for scholarly journal articles on business law topics.

Washington State Legislature

The Washington State Legislature hosts a searchable database for bills and documents Seattle business owners will find helpful. You can also go to the Washington Senate and House of Representatives from this site. You can search their database for documents by topic, year, or government branch.

Seattle Business Regulations

Not all businesses are automatically welcome in Seattle. Some must seek a regulatory endorsement by the City of Seattle on top of their usual business license. To find out if your Seattle business must be endorsed by the city, check the list on the site.

Seattle Business Codes and Rules

Before you start building your new shop or operating a 24-hour construction business, you should probably become familiar with the codes and rules of Seattle. You’ll need to check with the city’s Department of Planning and development for codes, permits, planning, and resources.

King County Business License Requirements

Not every city in King County require a business license, but many do. Find out if Seattle, an outlying suburb, or another Washington city in King County will require you to apply for a business license.

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