Get expert help with your business planning.


At every stage in business, from startup to expansion, you need to engage in business planning to maximize your business’ potential. Business planning in Seattle is very important because the costs of doing business are substantial, and it often pays to get outside help from professionals at critical junctures in the growth of your business. Business planning includes everything from market research to legal considerations, and a business attorney can help with every step.


Every successful business starts with a good idea. To make it a true commercial success, though, you need to conduct market research to ensure there will be enough demand for your product or service, as well as identifying the right target market. This is one important part of the process of writing a business plan, which covers everything from financial projections to a timeline for growth. Even if you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, an outside perspective makes business plan help a good idea.


There are many aspects to setting up a business as part of your business planning. This includes:

Choose the right business entity
Filing paperwork with government agencies
Obtaining the financing you need
Evaluating and understanding your tax and regulatory obligations

Many assume that forming an LLC is the right way to set up their business, but it’s wise to consider your particular needs carefully before making that decision. In fact, as you plan the setup of your business, you should fully understand all of these and other requirements.


You never want to have to worry about business litigation, but it’s still crucial that you prepare for the possibility a costly legal battle. In business planning, the protection of your intellectual property is paramount, including copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, and patents. You also need to consider what legal implications your choice of business entity will have. As long as you are well-informed when you make your business planning decisions, your business will enjoy the greatest possible chance of success.