If you are a business owner in Portland or would like to start a business there or in the Oregon area, it’s important to do thorough planning, careful budgeting, and of course, a whole lot of marketing. While you’re doing this, don’t forget to seek advice from a professional Portland business attorney, who can guide you through the many laws and regulations specific to the area. If you need help, just give us a call. In the meantime, please browse our list of helpful Portland business resources below.

The City of Portland

Start doing business with Portland on the City of Bend website. Register your Portland business, pay taxes, claim your business name, and get essential licenses and permits.

Portland Chamber of Commerce

Register with the Portland Chamber of Commerce to connect with the community. You will gain access to networking events, membership listings, and more.

Portland Small Business Administration 

The Portland Small Business Administration is a local resource for funding and learning about business development.

Internal Revenue Services

Every business must register with the Internal Revenue Services. The IRS website allows you to register, receive an Employer Identification Number, and pay your taxes.

Oregon Department of Revenue

The Oregon Department of Revenue administers and collects taxes. If you have a Portland, Oregon business, it is essential that you register with the Oregon Department of Revenue. You can pay your taxes on their website.

Oregon State Bar

Whether you are an attorney or working with an attorney, it’s important to know the legalities of Oregon’s Supreme Court. The Oregon State Bar contains resources for lawyers and the public.

Oregon State Legislature 

Every Portland business owner should know the state’s business laws. Visit the Oregon State Legislature website.

Portland Business Regulations

All businesses have regulations. Learn Portland’s business regulations before you open your doors. The City of Portland provides essential information so you do not get any business fines.

Portland Business Registration Requirements

All businesses are required to register with the City of Portland and Multnomah County. You must also re-register your business if you change tax entities.